Friday, April 10, 2015

American Revenant

I have been chatting with a gentleman and fellow zombie enthusiast by the name of John L. David IV.

John just happens to be the author of an up and coming zombie apocalypse franchise by the name of "American Revenant"!

The Story:

A worldwide sickness, hundreds of thousands dead within days. The aftermath of an air-burst nuclear weapon. Hordes of the living dead, hungry for human flesh. The dark and evil hearts of men, preying on others. This is the world that Gordon Fletcher, Mike Phillips, and Jimmy Mitchell along with their families and friends, find themselves. In a desperate attempt to find safety they will risk their lives to escape the small town they call home.

This is the story of their Hometown Exodus.

The Story Continues:

The story that began in the novella American Revenant: Hometown Exodus continues in the new full length novel!
Rejoin Gordon, Mike, Jimmy, and the rest of the group as they fight for survival. Forced to flee their hometown with friends and family, they must find someplace safe, both from their fellow man, and the ravenous dead.
Could you Survive?

Both of these stories are available in e-book format separately. The bonus though is if you purchase the paperback, both stories are included for your convenience.

If you are in the market for a new story, visit John at and find out how to get your copy!

John is selling personally autographed copies of the paperback for $15 via paypal! Get your copy today!

Monday, April 6, 2015

XD Experience for Podcast of the Month!

Mike and Gidget of "The XD Experience" are going for the coveted "Podcast of the Month" at Podcastland!

Please, you can help them win by visiting the link below and casting your vote for them!

Just enter your email address, click vote, and confirm the email sent to you!

Thank you all in advance! And the best of luck to you Mike and Gidget!

Friday, March 27, 2015

ZRN Welcomes "Zombie Anonymous" To The Team!

A huge #TeamZRN welcome to a brand new podcast joining us here at Zombie Radio Network!

Zombie Anonymous:

Your 12 step Program for Zombie addiction!
Are you a Zombieholic??
We encourage you to attend our meetings and confess to your fellow Zombieholics!

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter!